#MeettheVoices Episode 3 Vishnu

10 years ago, on 26/11, the city of Mumbai and its people were under siege for 4 long, terrifying days. The assailants unleashed a bloodbath by first striking at the heart of our city – the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST) railway station.

For hundreds of passengers that evening, returning home to their loved ones looked uncertain. However, amidst the deafening gun shots and a rising pandemonium, some passengers heard the calm voice of a railway announcer that guided them to safety. One local passenger, J. Sanil, recalls this voice today, as the voice of “God”.

In the 3rd and final episode of Meet The Voice, watch the unbelievable account of Vishnu Zende, a regular railway announcer, whose impeccable presence of mind and unwavering voice helped save hundreds of lives during the 26/11 terror attacks.

We dedicate this episode to the brave hearts and the loved ones we lost and the beloved city that was ravaged but came back stronger and never stopped welcoming people with warmth, love and acceptance.


Additional Credits –
Photographs Courtesy – Sebastian D’souza
Footage Courtesy – MSNBC and NDTV 24×7

The film has been shot by Miss Disha.

She can be followed on Instagram @Dishanoyonika


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