Infrastructure development and public patience.

The date is fixed for the development of Jalgaon, Bhusaval people’s routine. A third and forth rail line has scheduled to be laid between these two cities. A huge development will be seen in near future.

Nowadays Bhusawalkars really feel that Bhusaval is a rail city and divisional head quarter of the great Central Railway. What a transformation in the look of Bhusaval Station! The views of platforms are like Ajanta sculptures. The platforms now more neat, clean and pleasant. Escalators and elevators are modern facility to reach on platform.

Now, two more new platforms will be available within 15-20 days to serve public for more convenience.

People of Jalgaon district must have some patience for development of infrastructure.

The meaning of scrafices don’t mean giving life on border or fighting in armed forces. We are civilians, and this is our way of showing patriotism , by keeping our good patience and supporting government in their policies. After all, every public utilitiy becomes better, if we support.

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