Horns are played on the Indian Railways.

The train’s horn is not just horn but it has a mean. 11 types of horns are used in Indian Railways.

Each of these horns has a meaning. Let’s know the meaning of different horns …

01) If the driver once hit a small horn, then it means that the train is ready to go to the yard.

02) Two short horn blowing, it means that the driver is asking permit from a guard to start the train.

03) Three short horns, it means the train is out of control. He guides that the vacuum break should be used.

04) Four times the horn is blowing, then understand that the engine has a fault and the train can not proceed or there is some accident.

05) Once the driver boasts a big horn and a small horn, he is giving a notice to guard that he should check the vaccum brake pipe system before the train starts.

06) If the driver blows two big and two small horns, then it means that the gaurd should come to the engine.

07) When the driver rebounds long horn again and again, the train will move without stopping at any station.

08) When the driver stops at a big horn and again blow the big long horn, it means that the car is crossing the railway gate.

09) If a big horn and a small horn blow, it means that the railway is being divided.

10) In addition, the driver blows two small and one big horn, it means train stopped due to someone has pulled the emergency chain.

11) If the loco pilot blows 6 short horns, then this means that there is a big danger ahead.

Enjoy railways horn, kuuuuu.

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