Akola railway yard modified.

Press release by SCR Nanded division.

Modification of Akola Yard as part of Gauge Conversion Work between Akola – Khandwa.

South Central Railway has carried out an extensive modification of Akola Station Yard to facilitate connection to the new Broad-Gauge railway line under construction between Akola and Akot stations, part of Akola – Khandwa Gauge Conversion Project.

Akola Station is an important junction in the Marathwada region connecting Wardha towards East, Bhusaval towards West, Purna towards South and Khandwa towards North direction and the station falls under Central Railway jurisdiction.

The present Metre gauge line which connects Akola and Khandwa directly passing through a thick forest is under gauge conversion and the entire stretch comes under the purview of South Central Railway.

Akola – Khandwa Gauge conversion project is sanctioned in the year 2008-09 for a distance of 174 Kms with a sanctioned cost of Rs 2067 crore and the gauge conversion work on the entire stretch has been taken up by the South Central Zone.

The execution work of the entire project is divided into 3 phases –

  1. Akola – Akot – 43 Kms
  2. Akot – Amlakhurd – 77 Kms
  3. Amlakhurd – Khandwa – 54 Kms

The gauge conversion work between Akola – Akot is nearing completion, while Works are in progress in the remaining phases. As part of gauge conversion work, Akola station yard has been modified and accordingly one new loop line has been laid down in addition to the existing three lines (one main line and two loop lines).

Non interlocking work has been carried out for a period of 3 days from 26th to 28th June, 2020 in order to connect the newly laid loop line with the existing lines and also with the new Broad-gauge line under construction towards Akot as a part of gauge conversion between Akola – Khandwa.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway has complimented Construction department Officials and Nanded Division on successful completion of Akola yard modification duly coordinating with Central Railway officials. He also thanked the Officers and staff of Central Railway for extending cooperation time to time in execution of the work.

General Manager opined that the modification of Akola station yard paves the way for smooth execution of Gauge conversion work and also helps in enhancement of rail connectivity in Marathwada region with Madhya Pradesh.

Ministry of Railways, Government of India Nanded Rly Divn👇

2 thoughts on “Akola railway yard modified.”

  1. भुसावल से इंदोर ब्रोड गेज कब तक शुरू होगी
    इतना ज्यादा समय कियो लग रहा है़।


    1. खंडवा से सनावद और इन्दौर से महू बड़ी लाइन तैयार है। महू से सनावद के बीच घाट सेक्शन की दिक्कतें है।


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