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Hope on tracks

There was a railway track on my way to college. While returning back, I mostly used to sit there for sometime and wait for a train to arrive.

I love watching trains for some unknown reasons.

Maybe it’s the way they fill up the empty tracks and the whistle that follows.

I think about so many people in that train are going to places they are new to, discovering themselves through experiences, working their way out to something better.

There is a sound of hopefulness in the whistle of the train.

I see so many people in the train. Some standing at the gate, some sitting in with their family enjoying the journey, some peeking out of the window to get glimpse of life in a different land and some capturing moments in lense.

There are so many different stories filled with the thought of just one destination.

Same destination, different hopes.

Same roads, different journeys.

Same train, different tracks.

I watch trains and hope they arrive at their destinations soon.

If our life is moving forward like a train, the tracks are a metaphor for our hopes.

Only our hopes are carrying our life forward.

In all this hustle of getting to your destination, find a stop to look at other people with hopes.

Hope of not being hopeless. Hopes of getting there even with a slow pace. Hope of getting there even after hours of delay.


– Mehak Asri

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