Don’t bite if you can’t chew.

24th February 1993 day of Railway Budget. On the same day, during the rail budget, the second class 3 tier sleeper and air conditioned 3 tier sleeper class were launched in the Indian Railways.

Earlier Indian Railways used to have second class 2 tier sleeper, in which second class seating was provided for passengers 24 hours and upper berths from 10 pm to 6 am. Everything was manual. Once the charting was done, the entire arrangement would go into the hands of TTE. TTE of the train used to be the Brahmadev of this system, only they knew where the berth and seat is vacant and who is entitled to sleep, well!

Since 1993, the Second sleeper Class 3 tier came into existence and the Second 2 Tier class was discontinued from the rail service. Since then, there has been no change in the mindset of the railway passengers. Even today, the season pass holders and short distance travellers consider sleeper class as old 2 tier. There are more unauthorised people in the coach than the people with ticket.

Actually the concept of the three-tier sleeper was that it would become a separate class, so that the passengers traveling long distances could travel comfortably.

The railway administration started to depolarize the concept of the sleeper class by inventing RAC tickets in its reservation system. Each reserved compartment, whether it is air conditioned or non air conditioned classes, has a side lower berth which can be opened and divided into two seats for two RAC passengers. These RAC passengers keep, circling for just a single confirmed berth behind the TTE like begani shaadi me Abdullah Deewana and unless a berth is vacant or a confirmed passenger cancels their journey accidentally after the chart is made, they can’t get a seat. I think, RAC passenger who cannot get a berth by paying the full fare and has to travel entire journey without sleeping is a direct injustice by the Railway administration.

From here starts the process of unauthorised, extra passengers in reserved coaches. RAC passengers, PRS waiting list passengers are trying to enter forcefully in the reserved compartment. And as if this is not sufficient, MST pass holders and the passengers traveling for the short distance completed the misery. Passage, upper berth, the space between two berths, at any place, these people are willing to travel even standing. Nobody cares about reserved and long distance passengers, not even the railway administration.

Every reserved compartment, even if it is not air-conditioned, should have TTE working on duty, and make sure that no extra passengers are boarding. The rules should be followed in a proper manner and instead of charging a penalty, the extra passenger should be evacuated from the compartment by taking legal action. It is the responsibility of the additional ticket issuing administration to accommodate the extra passenger. The passengers who booked long distance reserved tickets months in advance are not the ones who should suffer. Separate arrangements are necessary for MST holders.

All this provision will have to be done by the railway administration as soon as possible, otherwise the second class three tire sleeper will have no meaning.

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Visitor's Stories

Hope on tracks

There was a railway track on my way to college. While returning back, I mostly used to sit there for sometime and wait for a train to arrive.

I love watching trains for some unknown reasons.

Maybe it’s the way they fill up the empty tracks and the whistle that follows.

I think about so many people in that train are going to places they are new to, discovering themselves through experiences, working their way out to something better.

There is a sound of hopefulness in the whistle of the train.

I see so many people in the train. Some standing at the gate, some sitting in with their family enjoying the journey, some peeking out of the window to get glimpse of life in a different land and some capturing moments in lense.

There are so many different stories filled with the thought of just one destination.

Same destination, different hopes.

Same roads, different journeys.

Same train, different tracks.

I watch trains and hope they arrive at their destinations soon.

If our life is moving forward like a train, the tracks are a metaphor for our hopes.

Only our hopes are carrying our life forward.

In all this hustle of getting to your destination, find a stop to look at other people with hopes.

Hope of not being hopeless. Hopes of getting there even with a slow pace. Hope of getting there even after hours of delay.


– Mehak Asri

( https://instagram.com/rubaiyat.mehak?igshid=gcgtaklsxw0m )



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Visitor's Stories

Mahalaxmi Express – That terrifying flood night.

Everyone of us, heard about the Mahalaxmi Express, which was surrounded by water, in the newspaper or saw it live on the TV, but what was the situation on the train, of the passengers, this experience is shared with us by Ninad Upadhye, who was there on the train, on that day, all the time.

Read it and experience.

Mahalaxmi Express stranded in Thane(This image credits – Google)

26th of July, Dombivli, my journey was about to begin, I took a Kalyan bound slow local from platform 1 of Dombivli at 8.45 pm. I was heading towards Kolhapur for my state level game by 17411 Mumbai-Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Express. It was raining heavily,I boarded the local, when I reached Kalyan the downpour was showing its deadly power.

I went towards platform 5 of Kalyan, while Dadar-Chennai Express with Ajni WAP7 banged on time at Kalyan platform 6 and the announcement was done that Mahalaxmi Express will also arrive at platform 6.

#40212 PUNE WDP4D hauled the 17411 Mahalaxmi Express also banged on time (9.19 pm)

I went inside and occupied my seat, it was still raining heavily, the signal was green and the route was clear.

My train departed kalyan at 9.23 pm and was about to reach Vitthalwadi. Slowly skipping Vitthalwadi, We went towards Ulhasnagar. Ulhasnagar was skipped with speed of 80 kmph and train continued towards Ambernath and at 9.50 pm Loco Pilot applied brakes and we were given the red signal at Ambernath outers, it was 10 pm, I was able to see Ambernath station but it was dark outside.

It was still raining heavily, people who boarded our train till Karjat got down from train and walked towards Ambernath on tracks . Now it was 11 pm but the train was standing at the same place and suddenly the news came that there is water logging at Ambernath and Badlapur so the traffic between the Kalyan and Karjat is suspended and the locals towards Karjat and Khopoli were getting terminated at Dombivli and Kalyan.


It was 12 am and there was no change in the situation, train was still at the same place. For next 2 hours the situation remained the same and everyone in the train started calling helplines but the lines were busy and no answer was there.

By now, it was 3 am and suddenly we heard a long horn, signal turned yellow and the train proceeded to Ambernath and everyone was happy that train finally moved. But then train took an unscheduled halt at Ambernath platform 1. As my coach was close to loco, I went towards it and had a conversation with LP. He said ‘there is still a water logging problem ahead and the local originated from Karjat was stucked at Vangani. Now that local had departed Badlapur, once that local gets cleared we will be getting the proceeding signal towards Karjat.

It was 3.25 am and the train departed from Ambernath, usually Kalyan to Ambernath it takes lesser than 20 minutes for the Express trains but on that day it took more than 3 hours, now train was at Badlapur and we skipped Badlapur at decent speed. After skipping Badlapur, I was able to see the ground floor/parking of the building besides the railway track full of water, then suddenly I saw that the Freight train was cleared from Vangni towards Kalyan. Also I checked the status of the Chennai Express it departed MONKEY HILL CABIN so I thought the route is clear now and expected to reach Pune at 5 am.

But, the Barvi Dam at Badlapur started to overflow and the gates of the dams were opened to release excess water came. Within a couple of minutes, the area of Badlapur and Vangni was under water. While we were continuing towards Vangani thrashing water but at 3.50 am just before the Vangani station LP and ALP applied brake and stopped the train. As there was water on the tracks and the visibility was zero, track disappeared. I was awake the whole night and was witnessing the water level increasing in the vicinity through my window ‘it was a sleepless night’.


Water level was increasing and also the rain was pouring continuously. The flood water was one step or one span away to enter the coach. I started dialling some of the numbers of railway officers, there was no response from their side as they were on duty and mobile phones are strictly prohibited on duty. Also the network was bouncing and there was less chances to connect the call.

Finally at 7 am, I tried calling my friend Akshay Bhatkar who works for ABP MAZA and luckily call got connected. He said to stay in the train and also told me that I’ll be getting one call from studio, this call will be live and I was supposed to tell them everything what is happening over there.


I told them everything about the situation and at 8.30 am, one police inspector came announcing that the NDRF, TDRF, NAVY, RPF and AIRFORCE team is on the way to rescue. Still the water level was same, and the NDRF will start rescuing people post 1.30 pm as there will be low tide. Also there was some extra food with me, so I started distributing to my co-passengers. It was 10.30 am and there was miracle, the water level started decreasing and also the rain was stopped. At a moment when the water level went down, some of the passengers and me decided to give some food to LOCO PILOT and ASSISTANT LOCO PILOT. Some RPF in the train helped us to do so.


It was now more than 12 hours, we were stuck, suddenly we hear some sound of Helicopters at 12 pm and it was Navy and Airforce Helicopters while NDRF, TDRF and NAVY team was coming down the hill for rescue, but they were not getting the safe route to the train and the distance between the train and the mountain was approximately 1.5 km. So they decided to reach at the back end of the train.

They started announcing that they are now starting the rescue operation. 8 boats were there, but at a time only 5 people can go along with their respective luggage. So they decided that they will provide boats only for children, ladies, senior citizens and handicapped people. Gents are supposed to walk through the flooded tracks with the help of ropes. It was now 3.30 pm, finally the rescue operation started. We started walking through the help of ropes with one hand holding the luggage on the head and other hand holding on to the ropes.


The depth was around 6 feet, somewhere we were supposed to swim as there was the depth more than 8 feet. After 2 kilometers of walk, there was a huge obstacle of crossing the mountain with all the wet clothes and luggage through the muddy way and this distance was 5 kilometers. Finally we came down the hill and tea, food packets were provided to the passengers

The bus was provided till kalyan, so passengers can proceed towards their respective destination from Kalyan. Special train to Kolhapur through the route Kalyan-Kasara-Nashik-Manmad-Daund-Pune was sent.

All this rescue operation took around 3 hours and I reached home at 7 pm. It was a scary, thrilling and different experience.

(This image credits – Google)853855-mahalaxmi-express-train-in-badlapur-afp

All this took 20 hours and it was a life changing experience. I will never forget these 20 hours of my life

  • Picture and story credits Ninad Upadhye

( https://instagram.com/i_am_railholic?igshid=xblxv19tvpvh )
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