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The Dark Night on Millennium Express

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Railways has an unbreakable relationship in the lives of the Indian people, as a companion of our joys and sorrows . Millions of people use the railway to go to their destination. Overall, there is no other appropriate alternative to the railway for daily short distance commuters in India.

Today, out of blue, a letter from the teacher of the Pharmacy College, Gwalior was found in old records, an appreciation letter. The letter reminisced many old memories. It is an old yet thrilling story.

In those days there was neither twitter nor Facebook account of the railway and you couldn’t contact with railway officials directly. It would have been around two o’clock in the morning, the landline phone of Rail Duniya rang. The person on the other end was speaking in hushed voice, “Sir, I apologize for troubling you at midnight, but please help us”

The story follows, the person who called up, was a teacher of Pharmacy College of Gwalior . They were returning from Ooty to Gwalior with their students, from the educational tour. There were about 25 reservations in the sleeping compartment, second coach from the engine and the adjacent boggie was unreserved general. A large crowd of passengers traveling towards Sabarimala climbed in the coach and some goons started frightening the people in the compartment. It was the night time, the group was facing problem due to language barrier, and there were no railway officials neither the RPF nor the TTE in the couches. The chains for emergency stopping the train were not working.

The teacher had made every possible effort. He talked to them, prayed to them and even offered to share half of their seats and let the girls adjust in the remaining place. But the people were now harassing the teacher and the students.

The train was Millennium Express and our passengers were from Coimbatore. All of his reserved places had already filled up from Ernakulam. These people boarded the train but we already told you the scene of what was happening.

In the night, the people tried to call the local police,  but got no help. Then desparate and distressed, they got the telephone number of our office from our magazine Rail Duniya.

It was the time of action for Railduniya. At 2.30 am, when the call came, we immediately gave the mobile number of the zonal commissioner of the RPF of the South Central Railway Zone. The train had already entered South Central Railway from Southern Railway Zone.

We informed the Commissioner was about the circumstances. He took the position of train immediately and alerted the RPF office on the route. They were asked to go with full preparation and provide security to the passengers, as well as to give all updates to the headquarters.

Then you will be amazed at what the railway security force did. After the train stopped at Katpadi station, the RPF team surrounded the whole compartment and forcefully opened the doors, entered inside and took those goons and secured our passengers, put them in their places. And not so much, a team of four RPF was also deployed on Duty with our passengers in the coach with them till Gwalior.

It is unusual, sometimes, experiences one might have to go through in the journey are  not very good. Well, it is story of old days, today the railway department has become very responsive and alert towards security. Armed police are also present in the trains and at stations.

The above story is a true phenomenon. Rail Duniya is always in your service.

Railways helpline number is 182.

Do share your thoughts and this article with the ones who you think will find it worth reading.


Rail Duniya



कैसे ले ट्रेनोंमें रिजर्वेशन

छुट्टियां लगते ही बच्चोंका दिल मचलने लगता है, मामा के यहाँ जाना है, बुआ के घर जाना है तो किसी को छुट्टी में सैर सपाटे पर निकलना है।

बच्चे तो छुट्टियोंसे खुश हो जाते है, लेकिन आरक्षण की प्रतीक्षा सूची देख दिमाग़ चकरा जाता है। क्या करे? वेटिंग टिकट ले ले क्या? या तत्काल में ट्राई करें? 4 महीने पहले वेटिंग की टिकट गाड़ी छूटने के दिन तक भी वहीं की वहीं रहती है, मानो पत्थर की लकीर हो। तत्काल तो जैसे आकाल है, भाई किसके नसीब में कहाँ बरसता है, भगवान ही जाने।

देखिए, कुछ जानकारीया आपको देते है, ताकी आप समझे, कौनसा वेटिंग टिकट सही है। जब सारी कन्फर्म टिकट बुक हो जाती है तो RAC वाली बुकिंग शुरू होती और उसके बाद वेटिंग वाली। अब कन्फर्म तो कन्फर्म ही है, पक्का नम्बर मिल जाता है और RAC में आपको सीट नम्बर मिलता है जो यह बताता है की आप गाड़ी में चले आइए, जैसे ही कोई बर्थ की बुकिंग रदद् होती है, आप उसके सबसे पहले दावेदार है।

जो वेटिंग टिकट होती है, उसके तीन प्रकार होते है। पहला GNWL, दूसरा PQWL और तीसरा RLWL। अब थोड़ा ध्यान दे, जो GNWL वेटिंग होती है न वह होती है सबसे मुख्य वेटिंग लिस्ट, याने जनरल वेटिंग लिस्ट। यह वेटिंग टिकट सबसे तेज दौड़ती है। आप इस पर काफी हद तक भरोसा कर सकते है की कन्फर्म हो जाए। यह वेटिंग लिस्ट, जहाँ तक गाड़ी के स्टार्टिंग स्टेशन से गाड़ी के गंतव्य तक वाले टिकटों की होती है या कम यात्रा वाली भी हो सकती है बशर्ते यात्रा गाड़ी के शुरू के स्टेशन से शुरु होती हो।

दूसरी वेटिंग टिकट है, PQWL यह होती है पुलिंग कोटा वेटिंग लिस्ट याने स्टार्टिंग स्टेशन से शुरू होने वाली या गाडीके महत्व के पहले पड़ाव से शुरू होने वाली और कुछ दूरी की यात्रा वाली टिकट या गन्तव्य तक की टिकट। यह वेटिंग टिकट भी GNWL की छोटी बहन ही है। सबसे पहले GNWL को कंफरमेशन की प्रधानता है, उसके बाद इस वेटिंग वालो की टिकटे कन्फर्म होना शुरू होती है।

तीसरी वेटिंग टिकट है, RLWL, रिमोट लोकेशन वेटिंग लिस्ट। भैया इस वेटिंग टिकट के कन्फर्म होने का तो आप इंतजार ही करते रह जाओगे। कन्फर्मेशन का सबसे कम चान्स रहने वाली टिकट। यह टिकट रास्ते मे पड़ने वाले बड़े जंक्शन स्टेशनोंको दिए जाने वाले कोटे की टिकट है, जो की बड़ी मुश्किल से सरकती है।

अब आप समझ गए होंगे, यदि कन्फर्म टिकट उपलब्ध नही है तो क्या करना है? भाईसाहब, आजकल लगभग सभी लोग e-ticket बना सकते है तो जहाँसे GNWL टिकट मिल रही है, उसे चेक करो और लो। वेटिंग टिकट लेना ही पड़े तो फर्स्ट चॉइस GNWL वेटिंग टिकट रखो और खास बात टिकट बनाने के बाद अपना बोर्डिंग स्टेशन बदलना है, टिकट लेते वक्त ही बोर्डिंग स्टेशन नहीं बदलना है अन्यथा जो टिकट जनरेट होगी वह PQWL या RLWL निकलेगी। साथ ही साथ यह भी ध्यान रखना है की बोर्डिंग बदलनेका पर्याप्त समय आपके पास है या नही।

तो अब स्मार्ट बन जाए और वेटिंग टिकट में भी कंफरमेशन की संभावनाएं बढ़ाए।

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New Train Index – Update

Dear members, we are sharing with you the updated train index with new trains started and announced.

The trains highlighted in yellow are the newly inaugurated, extension of existing trains, change in frequency and the trains details can be read as a comment by taking the cursor to the highlighted portion.

Kindly take advantage of the index and share with maximum number of your friends and family.



Shakuntala Railways: India’s only private railway line.

Shakuntala Railway, the only privately-owned railway line in India offering passenger services, may soon be a part of history. Then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has cleared a proposal to take over the narrow gauge line and convert it into broad gauge at an estimated cost of Rs 1,500 crore.
Shakuntala Railway covers a 188-km stretch from Yavatmal to Achalpur in Amaravati district of Maharashtra. The Central Province Railway Company (CPRC), or the Shakuntala Railway, was founded in 1910 by Killick Nixon, a British firm, mainly to transport cotton from the area.
The route was used to ferry cotton from Vidarbha for exporting. But even after the nationalisation of other private sector railway lines, Shakuntala Railway continued to be privately-owned.
According to the contract with CPRC, if the Indian government fails to acquire the line in 2016, it will only be able to acquire it a decade later.
The Indian Railways pays an annual usage fee of Rs 2-3 crore for running two passenger trains and few goods trains on these tracks to CPRC.
Earlier, the railways was not keen on taking over the loss-making line. As per the contract, major expenses above Rs 10,000 must be borne by the company. According to the railways, the rent of using the line was adjusted from the cost of repairs and maintenance. All other lines owned by CPRC got nationalised. Interestingly, even now all the rail signals are from the British era, with a “Made in Liverpool” tag.
According to Indian Railways, on an average, five wagons are booked from Achalpur station to transport goods such as cotton, dry chilly, timber, handloom cloth, rosha oil, coffee seeds, mangoes, guavas and oranges from the area.
Information Compiled by Vignesh ( https://www.instagram.com/chwhaan/?hl=en)
Picture courtesy : Railfan Roopesh Kohad/ Google.

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